Çiftel Sanayi Tekerlekleri


Since 1959, ÇİFTEL has been manufacturing industrial wheels that can be used in all areas of the manufacturing industry, with features and varieties capable of operating in all kinds of working conditions.

Many institutions in our country have been preferring ÇİFTEL industrial wheels for half a century.

ÇİFTEL produces products with diameters ranging from 36 mm to 560 mm and load-carrying capacities ranging from 20 kg to 3000 kg. With its experience and expert staff, it carries out every stage of production in its modern facilities, pushing the boundaries of quality and durability by meticulously controlling them, working with a continuous research approach, and constantly striving for improvement.

ÇİFTEL uses the latest technology in all its manufacturing, from specialized industrial wheels to the smallest furniture wheels. It meets the needs of both small and large organizations with the same meticulousness and seriousness.

This website, where we aim to provide the technical specifications, applications, and additional assistance for our wheels, will help you choose the most suitable wheel for your needs.

As a leading integrated organization in our country, ÇİFTEL is pleased to work with you, offering a wide range of products with different capacities. Our company has become a symbol of quality and durability in this field of industry.

“Quality journey on wheels… It has never left you stranded, since 1959.”